Nebulok Technology©

A revolutionary proposal for respiratory therapies in OTC and RX markets. Disposable capsules and no disinfection required.

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Nebulok is our identity mark. We have been developing our technology enabling nebulizers to:

Maximise the solution effectiveness

Easy to use and great portability

Autocleaning system and avoids infections

NEBULOK technology enables Lainomedical to create the first nebulizer capable of adapting the mist to the solution introduced in it.

With our OTC capsules system was never easier.



One step use

Just fit the capsule in and start nebulising. Easy for all users

Auto desinfection

Designed with an integrated disinfection system which saves the parent from the usual disinfection procedure.


Lainomedical devices are adapted for the capsules the user introduces. The flow and droplet size will be in accordance with your treatment


Carry on design including a battery with wich you could nebulize everywhere knowing that both the sterile capsule and the device will be disinfected and easy to use and transport