Physiological saline solution (0,9%)

NaCl inhalation solution is a natural, isotonic saline solution (0.9%). It can be used to moisten the airways and as secondary treatment for cold infections such as coughing or nasal congestion. NaCl inhalation solution may be administered to infants, people of advanced years and to pregnant and nursing women.

Hypertonic saline solutions (3%, and 6%)

Hypertonic solutions (any solutions with a concentration of NaCl higher than that found in physiological saline (0.9%)) helps to hydrate the airways and thin the mucus in the airways and are used as mucolytics. Hydrating the airways with these solutions helps the respiratory tract move the mucus from the lungs.

Other solutions

Lainomedical is constantly looking for new active ingredients on the OTC market.


Inhaled therapies for common pathologies such as common colds, flu, throat irritation…
In combination with the most efective delivery method.

Channel distribution

Through the pharmacist advice and as per medical doctor recommendation (pediatric, general practitioners, ORL and respiratory.