R&D Services
Business Intelligence
Definition of the target area of action in the respiratory tract and characterization of the molecule and nebulization parameters (particle size, flux and other features).

Product & Process Validation

Research and development to get a safe, effective, stable and high quality, medicinal product.

Pilot and production validation process.

Test and validation batches are manufactured while the stability profile of the final product is tested.

Clinical Trial

Design, submit and carry out the clinical trials, after its validation by scientific advice, in order to demonstrate the safety and eficacy of the product in humans (Proof of Concept).

CE Mark & Approval

The Dossier could be a CTD (Common Technical Dossier) for medicinal products or FT (Technical File) for Medical Devices.

Dossier it is submitted to the corresponding authority in order to obtain the marketing authorization.


Scale-up and Supply of the products ensuring reliable and timely delivery.